Breathe in Fresh Air by Removing Foul Odors from Your Environment

The cigarette odor that lingers around even after the cigarette is put out, is not only smelly, but it is also dangerous for your health. Known as thirdhand smoke, the cigarette odor that clings to clothing, skin, hair, and your environment contains active chemical substances, which have been linked to multiple health issues such as cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) etc.

People who smoke have become used to the smell and do not even realize how strong it is. If you want to get rid of cigarette odor in your house, asking a nonsmoker to sniff out the situation will help. Of course, the best way to eliminate third hand smoke smell completely is to remove cigarettes from your life and ensure your own health as well. Cigarette odor removal services are offered by professionals who expertly remove all kinds of smells from your residential and commercial places. 

Cigarette Smoke Affects the Way You Smell

Cigarette smoke gets absorbed into your skin, hair, and breath and affects the way your skin, hair, and body smell from both the inside and the outside. On the outside, the smoke from the cigarette deposits a carcinogenic residue on everything it touches, even your hair and skin. You may not feel it, but it is there, releasing a smoky odor. The absorption of nicotine, both into the lungs and through the skin, also affects the sweat glands. Nicotine makes you sweat more and affects the way your sweat smells. If you sweat a lot, your skin will start to smell like rancid smoke. Cigarette smoke also coats the inside of your mouth, gums, teeth, and tongue.

Ways to Remove Cigarette Smell from Your Skin, Hair and Clothing

When you hold a cigarette in your fingers, it makes them smell. You can eliminate this by washing your hands immediately after smoking. Some smokers use alcohol-based hand sanitizer on all areas of exposed skin. Although, it may be impractical to take a bath or shower after each cigarette but do make sure to bathe as often as you can, especially after activities that make you sweat. 

For the hair, shampooing and conditioning your hair is the best way to remove cigarette smell. That goes for beards and mustaches, too. Similarly, if you do not wash your clothing after each use, your closet will also smell like cigarettes. You can wash your clothing in regular detergent with a cup of baking soda added. Spraying your clothing with an air freshener made for fabric, or with a spray-on antiperspirant, is another way to remove cigarette odor from clothing. 

How to Remove Cigarette Smell from Your Home

Cigarette odor can be very hard to get rid of because thirdhand smoke contains toxic particles and gasses which can permeate both hard and soft surfaces. Nicotine even contaminates dust. You can try ventilating the entire home by opening windows and running fans. Rip up any carpets and remove any other soft surfaces on the walls. If all household treatment is ineffective, having a professional ozone treatment may be necessary.


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